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Living Legacy

"Life Is A Fascinating Trip Of Learning, Feeling, Loving, Being, Seeing And Sharing.

I Invite you To Be Part Of My Beautiful Journey."

Lanea's Living





It's Going To


Be A  Good




"The Inchworm Project"

Love, Health, Happiness, Positive Attitude, Ambition To Learn, The Will To Apply Yourself. Respect For Others. Then To Stand In The Light And Be A Good Example. Lanea

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"When I Retire

I Want To Work In A Garden"

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"It's Going To Be A Good Life" 

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"The InchWorm Project" 

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Our Life In Pictures

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Ambition To Travel 

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Lanea Living What To Wear Vacation

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Lanea Living Naturally 

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Lanea Living Swim  

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Lanea Living "Cats Journal"

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Lanea Holesinsky Tennis

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Lanea Living Kitchen  

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"In~Style Movement Workshop" 

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